Ages of X-Men: Top 5 Alternate X-Men Realities

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Alternate realities have always played a large part in comic storytelling, especially when we are talking about the X-Men.

It gives writers a chance to try something wildly different with the characters without the lasting repercussions that a change to continuity might entail. It also allows the fans a chance to experience their favorite hero or villain in a role that they might not be used to, or even one they enjoy.

Greg Pak and Stephen Segovia’s new series X-Treme X-Men feature a cast of characters that are strangers to Marvel’s mainstream reality (616) and are teamed with Dazzler to further explore even more alternate realities. Yes, Dazzler. And a disembodied floating Charles Xavier head along with kick ass alternate versions of Wolverine, Emma Frost, and Nightcrawler tasked with destroying evil alternate versions of Charles Xavier. That’s a great premise with or without Dazzler, who might be at her least lame stage in life thanks to Pak.

After reading the first issue I started thinking about all the different universes we’ve seen throughout various storylines and company wide events, and this list is the culmination of that curiosity. In an alternate reality I may have chosen not to write the list, instead choosing to vacation on a beautiful beach with a scantily clad and sexually adventurous lingerie model. But alas, this is not that reality.

So let’s take a look at my Top 5 Alternate X-Realities, in no particular order.

Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)

Geek Comics: Top 5 Alternate X-Men Realities - Age of Apocalypse

AOA came about when David Haller AKA Legion traveled back in time to kill Magneto in order to help bring about his father’s (Charles Xavier) dream of human and mutant co-existence. Unfortunately he begins a lifetime of failure by killing Professor X, who sacrificed himself to save his friend Magneto. These actions spawned a reality that developed without the guidance of Xavier, and eventually fell under the boot heel of Apocalypse, an eternally evil mutant. Humanity is a decimated race, enslaved by the mutant population. It’s one of the bleakest alternate realities on the list, but also one that leaves a lasting impression. AOA took over every X-title of the 90’s (which there were a lot of) and gave us a look at these characters in ways we had never seen before. This generally involved costumes with too many pouches and a lot of bad hair… Even for the 90’s.

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 or: the Future of the Cosmic MCU

Hopefully by now you’ve joined the rest of the summer movie audience and seen Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel got ahead of the game by announcing Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, before the film had even released, and after watching the record-breaking blockbuster, it’s fairly easy for fans of the film and the comic series to to see which threads could further develop in a sequel. We’ll be looking at that today.

Obviously we can expect to see more of the main team’s development, featuring the cast we’ve already seen assembled. We’ll touch on them quickly before we move on to some possible building blocks of the Cosmic Marvel Cinematic Universe that we seem to be fast approaching. This should go without saying, but there are SPOILERS ahead.


Norma Jean, Night Verses, Dusty Tucker, Aura Amore @ The Studio Aug 17, 2014

The humid heat kicked off the show on August 17th at The Studio in a huge way, ensuring the crowd was moist with more than excitement. The audience trickled in for the early doors, which seemed well suited for the all ages crowd that gathered at the merch tables on the balmy Sunday night. We were all here for the same things, which were apparently heavy underage petting, the sweat off your neighbors back, and the Zero Fun Tour.

Aura Amore 001

Local support Aura Amore were the first to take the stage, kicking their set off with an electronic intro that set the pace for a heavy yet harmonious performance. Lead singer Damon Grizzly wasn’t afraid to get involved or get emotional on stage, and the crowd responded well to his deep screams. The songs were engaging and performed well, but the energy seemed a little low, especially compared to some of the other acts on the bill .

Dusty Tucker 001Dusty Tucker exploded on the stage and quickly became a fan favorite, with an astounding performance that left everyone wanting more. The fun factor was undeniable, as the band got in the crowd’s faces and had a great time doing it. DT weren’t above teasing orgies and building applause with masterfully placed ‘clap’ messages, which only further enticed the party mentality of the audience.  By the time my personal favorite – “Locked, Loaded, and Ready for Bear” – entered the set, the fans and band were playing off each other, with Dusty Tucker’s unique and energetic performance amping up the crowd for the second half of the show.

Night Verses 005The first headliner of the Zero Fun Tour took the stage to an insane applause, as Night Verses kicked off their set with a frenetic pace that infected the packed venue.  While there were a few brief power issues that interrupted “Rage”, frontman Douglas Robinson got the crowd involved while The Studio quickly fixed the issue. Impressively, Night Verses literally didn’t miss a beat and dropped right back into “Rage” full bore.  The audiences’ energy started to form in the pit as Robinson played to the fans, and we were all delighted by this dynamic treat of the evening.

Norma Jean 001

Last but most definitely not least, Norma Jean took to the stage as the crowd began to lose their collective shit. The Studio was already a packed and sweaty mess of bodies, which only increased as the fans started moving as a whole. Norma Jean delivered an intense show that truly showcased their musical versatility. It was a great mix of songs, ranging from albums like “Bless the Martyr & Kiss the Child” to their latest release, “Wrongdoers”. By the midpoint of the performance the crowd was moving like a damaged rotary engine, with elbows and fluids flying crazily in the circle pit. By the time “Sword in Mouth, Fire Eyes” hit, I had long given up on taking pictures and fell into the flow of the pit.

Norma Jean 004

Frontman Cory Brandan briefly explained the fan reaction when tour dates were initially announced and the Canadian west coast was largely unvisited, until additional dates were added, including Edmonton. Brandan acknowledged the fans and thanked them, and even went so far as to state the show at The Studio in Edmonton was one of the best of the tour. Feel proud, my fellow Edmonton music lovers.

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Many thanks to Raised Fist Productions for continually bringing great bands to Edmonton, and The Studio Music Foundation for once again providing a great venue with fantastic sound for the Edmonton music scene. And of course, huge thanks to the bands for an entertaining and frankly exhausting night of music.

Images: Scott Fraser/WordMerc Studios

Guardians of the Galaxy: Easter Eggs & Cameos

Now that we’ve managed to see Guardians of the Galaxy a few times it seems like a perfect moment to stop and take a look at all the crazy references in James Gunn’s entry into the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe.

We love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that is certainly no surprise to anyone reading. The MCU has revolutionized the way we look at comic book movies, and has brought characters to the big screen that would never have made it ten years ago. Of course, there is something else we love about the MCU, and that is the dizzying number of references. You can call them Easter eggs, cameos, trivia, hidden details, whatever. We love them, and Guardians of the Galaxy probably had the most of them – either hidden or out in the open – of any Marvel Studios picture to date.

Today we’ll take a look at some of our favorites, and point you in the direction to find even more.


Geek’s Weekly Comic Pull List – 8/6/14

It’s that time again, GEEK’s Weekly Comic Pull List is out!

We’re sad to see the conclusion of Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey’s Moon Knight run for Marvel, but we can’t wait to see Superman vs Superman in DC Comics’ Earth 2 #26, and are very intrigued by Dynamite Entertainment’s Terminal Hero #1!

What title are you most looking forward to this week?

Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1
Kick-Ass 3 #8
Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #4
Moon Knight #6
New Avengers #22
Superior Spider-Man #32
The Punisher #9
Aquaman and the Others #5
Detective Comics #34
Earth 2 #26
Grayson #2
Green Arrow #34
Justice League 3000 #9
Superman/ Wonder Woman Annual #1
Fairest #28
Alex + Ada #8
Genius #1
Imperial #1
Nailbiter #4
Spread #2
The Victories #14
Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #1
Harbinger: Omegas #1
The Bunker #5
Grimm Fairy Tales: Goddess, Inc. #1
God is Dead: The Book of Acts – Alpha
Uber #16
Mars Attacks First Born #3
Star Mage #5
RoboCop #2
The Woods #4
Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #1
Jennifer Blood: Born Again #1
Terminal Hero #1

Check out the details and covers of the pull list at the link at the top of the page and then join the discussion on the GEEK Facebook page!

Corvus the Crow, Global Genocide, Forsaken Rite & Holoshock @ The Studio

Walking into The Studio Music Foundation is a refreshing experience, a vintage reminder of youthful hangout spots and arcades, grunged up with the lifeblood of heavy music. The Studio set the perfect scene for the night of genre-hopping metal the music fans had gathered to see. Cheap drinks, a friendly staff, open space, and a fantastic musical experience from knowledgeable sound techs didn’t hurt the general party atmosphere, either.

Holoshock and Archon of Forsaken Rite

Opening band Holoshock returned to The Studio as the venue filled up, and we were treated to an enjoyable and energetic opener, who were clearly having fun on stage. The shreds came easily as the band moved through their set, and a well-timed Metallica cover helped further pump up the crowd. You can find more about the band at the Holoshock Facebook page.

Forsaken Rite

Following a brief beverage interlude, Forsaken Rite took to the stage. This 7-piece band brought a certain flair to the stage, and the band drew fans in immediately with the exciting possibility of a metal flute solo. The performance on stage was managed by frontman Archon, who belted out throaty growls and driving lyrics as the band introduced us to Folk/Pagan Metal, which I for one am thankful for.  Be sure to check out upcoming shows and more on the Forsaken Rite Facebook page.

Global Genocide

Global Genocide explode onto the stage with heavily technical riff and a frenzied pace that kept the crowd moving and the heads banging. The set seemed to flyby as the riffs kept hitting hard, and I couldn’t help but be impressed by the precision this 4-piece death metal band brought to the stage. Bassist Jordan Hafermehl’s fingers were all over the place in the best way possible, as his complex rhythms provided a unique backing to the technical sound of Global Genocide, which excited the crowd and started the pit right. You can learn more about the band at the Global Genocide Facebook page.

Corvus the Crow

The final act of the night were newcomers to the Edmonton music scene, though you couldn’t have guessed this was their first show. Corvus the Crow took the stage and launched a pounding and aggressive sound that the crowd immediately latched on to as the pits grew in size and severity. Garret Hannah’s powerful screams flowed well with the driving riffs and screeching solos of Phil Short and Dayn Armsworthy, with a rhythm section that kept the audience jumping. A few circle pits and stage dives later, Corvus the Crow had wrapped up the heavy evening with a structured show that impressed the crowd and this reviewer. You can find more on the band at the Corvus the Crow Facebook page or at

Big thanks to Raised Fist Productions and The Studio Music Foundation for putting on the show, and remember to support your local music scene!

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Corvus the Crow Live at The Studio w/ Guests – August 1st

Corvus the Crow’s first show is here, and it is going to be incredible!

They will be joined by Global Genocide, Forsaken Rite, and Holoshock at The Studio Music Foundation on August 1st with Raised Fist Productions. The show is 18+ and doors are at 8.

You can get more show details here, and be sure to contact us through the band members, on the Corvus The Crow Facebook page, or at

It’s going to be a great show with some great bands, so be sure to get your tickets today!

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